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Fundamentally Freund: Rebuild Gush Katif

Posted by emmalazarus on January 14, 2009

Last week, shortly after Israeli ground forces entered Gaza, there was a brief news item on the radio which caught my attention.

Amid the flurry of reports emanating from the front, the announcer noted in passing that troops had arrived at the ruins of the Jewish communities  of Dugit in northern Gaza and Netzarim in the center of the strip He then quickly moved on to discuss various other pressing events in the current campaign against terror.

Left unsaid, of course, was the colossal and bitter irony of this development. After all, it was just three and a half years ago, in August 2005, that soldiers descended on the Jewish communities of Gaza to expel their Jewish residents from their homes. And now the men in uniform find themselves forced to do battle against Hamas in those very same locations.

What a stinging rebuke to all those who preached the gospel of retreat in the face of terror and prophesied peace and harmony by removing Jews. 

If nothing else, it is a telling reminder of a basic and fundamental truth of Zionist history and Middle Eastern reality: Jewish settlements are not an obstacle to peace, but an impediment to war.

Only by firmly planting the flag deep into every part of the Land of Israel can we ensure our continued existence in the face of ongoing Arab expansionism and Palestinian irredentism.

That is why it is time now to right the moral and historical wrong of Ariel Sharon’s disengagement plan and rebuild Gush Katif.

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Israeli costs of Gaza operation mount

Posted by emmalazarus on January 11, 2009

Conservative estimates put the cost of Gaza invasion at $3 bn so far. As IAF reduces its scope op operation, direct costd will not rise rapidly. The call-up of 20,000 reservists pushes indirect costs upward: at $4,500 average GDP per employee per month economic losses run close to $1 bn monthly, further increased by economic stagnation in the embattled south.

So far, every Israeli Jewish family shelled out $3,000 to correct the government’s decision to disengage from Gaza three years ago. Staying in Gaza was not only profitable in terms of Gush Katif economic output, but far less expensive than the current invasion.

This article appeared in IUN. To visit the site, click here

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Little Shelter from the Storm

Posted by emmalazarus on January 8, 2009

by Michele Chabin
Israel Correspondent for the Jewish Week

Nitzan, Israel – It’s not easy to maintain a sense of humor during a Hamas rocket attack, but for the residents of this “caravilla” park, home to 450 families uprooted from their Gaza settlements in August 2005, it’s either laugh or cry. Often, they find themselves doing both. “We’re sitting in totally unprotected cardboard houses with no bomb shelters, no reinforced safe rooms,” says Rachel Saperstein, at the kitchen table of her simple pre-fab house in Nitzan, located smack dab between the cities of Ashkelon and Ashdod, both popular Hamas targets. 

Late last week, the Defense Ministry delivered dozens of huge concrete sewage pipes to the community, dubbed them shelters, and placed them in every cul-de-sac. Someone spray-painted “The Home Front Command is always  thinking of you.” That elicited a laugh. So did the term “cylindrical shelters” coined by the ministry. During a brief tour of the “shelters” – one, that serves fervently Orthodox families, has separate entrances for men and women – Saperstein notes that the pipes “won’t withstand a direct hit.” When some reserve soldiers came to see how she and her husband, Moshe, a disabled veteran and terror victim, were coping with the stress of war, “I started laughing through the tears. This is what we’ve been reduced to: a bunch of sewage pipes.”

While all residents of southern Israel have been deeply affected by the war raging between Israel and Hamas, the event has been particularly difficult for Gaza settlers who were forcibly evicted from their homes by the Israeli government. The Israel Trauma Coalition has identified more than 300 families in Nitzan that are in need of psycho-trauma services, according to ITC’s director, Talia Levanon. Established by the UJA-Federation of New York in 2002, ITC is an umbrella organization encompassing 65 organizations, hospitals and government offices. Many of these families, Levanon says, were already receiving ITC counseling before the war started two weeks ago. None of the residents have moved into permanent homes, leading to a sense of displacement and insecurity. Many are unemployed. 
Hagit Yaron, a member of Nitzan’s emergency committee and an ITC team member, says that “overall Nitzan residents are coping pretty well but it’s a very individual thing. There were some people who needed assistance in Gush Katif and they need help now, too.”

This is an extract of an article that appeared in The Jewish Week. To view the full article, click here

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