The Expulsion From Gush Katif

Gush Katif Resource to educate and enlighten

Gush Katif Resource

Through compiling this book, we have had the privilege to gain an insight into numerous aspects that make up the expulsion from Gush Katif in 2005. We have met numerous key players in the movement and have been moved by the memories of those that went through the suffering first hand. We have tried to convey as much of it as we can into this book, which will bestow upon the reader a deep and moving insight. However, we could not fit it all into one book, as an unprecedented historical event as great as this cannot be compiled into one volume. Through compiling the book and having the contact with the great people that contributed to it, we have numerous additional resources available. If you would like further info in addition to the book, recommended contacts to speak to on a certain topic or some sort of follow-up, please feel free to contact us.

We would like the memory of Gush Katif to live on forever, and the way to achieve this is through education and preserving memories. If you want to delve into the topic further, whether it’s for personal understanding or as part of an assignment, we would be happy to help and direct you in any way we can.

Please contact us: or post your questions on this site. 


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