The Expulsion From Gush Katif

Gush Katif Resource to educate and enlighten


 The Expulsion from Gush Katif sums up a tragic time in Jewish history, when Israeli citizens were removed from their homes by their own government. Ariel Sharon’s disengagement plan will live on in Israeli collective memory, and its scars on the delicate fabric of Israeli society are as yet unknown.  The summer of 2005, when the expulsion occurred, will always be remembered for its orange flags, demonstrations, tears, hopes, and dashed dreams. The Expulsion from Gush Katif captures the spirit of that summer and the aspirations of the residents of Jewish Gaza both before and after the disengagement plan. Its moving essays and diaries ensure that the importance and significance of the events described are not lost to future generations and Jews around the world.

Binyamin Elon MK, Chairman of the Ichud Leumi

The disengagement plan, which led to the expulsion of thousands of Israeli civilians from their homes in Gush Katif and northern Samaria during the summer of 2005, was a turning point in Israeli history. Most of us will never forget the harrowing photographs of people being dragged from their homes or the demolition of public buildings and private homes.


The Expulsion from Gush Katif is a vivid chronicle of those events, told from a variety of perspectives. It gives the reader a moving, realistic view of what it was like to live under the threat of being removed from one’s home, as well as the actual expulsion, and the events that followed.


I recommend this book to anyone who wants to understand the tragic, life-changing events of that summer and the resultant effects that it has had upon Israeli society.

Professor Arieh Eldad, MK

Thank G-d for this book, which exposes the betrayal and unkept promises of the Israeli government to the wonderful, hardworking Jews of Gush Katif. It makes us painfully aware of the continuing human rights disaster many of these families are enduring with respect to lack of employment, family relations, housing and schooling.  Shame on the Israeli government and Jewish leaders for igniting this situation of their brothers and sisters and allowing it to continue. Jews regularly cry out for the difficult plights of non-Jews around the world but remain silent on the Jews of Gaza.  The devastating reality that this book portrays will inspire more of us to fight the appeasement insanity of giving more holy Jewish land to an Arab terrorist, anti-Semitic regime and to fight the appeasement insanity of forcibly evicting more Jewish families out of their homes in Judea and Samaria. It will also help rouse us to speak out on behalf of the Jews of Gaza to alleviate their unconscionable living conditions.  The phrase “Never again” has been used in various contexts by Jews. This important book makes it an imperative that we must also “never again” allow what happened to the Jews of Gaza to happen to the Jews of Judea and Samaria.   

Mortimer Klein, National President Zionist Organisation of America

There is a famous aphorism from Rav Kook that “remembering is the secret of Redemption.” Essentially, this means that our ability to correct and improve our ways, and avoid repeating our mistakes in the future depends first and foremost upon our ability to remember and preserve our memories of the past.  The devastation and destruction of Gush Katif was not only a trauma faced by the individuals, families, and communities that were directly affected by this disaster, but it was primarily a national tragedy. When it destroyed and uprooted Gush Katif, the Israeli government effectively destroyed and undermined the basis of faith and idealism that have guided the Jewish nation for generations. With this act of extreme foolishness, the Israeli government first and foremost struck at the land, the nation, the Torah, and the God of Israel. It damaged the mutual responsibility, basic Jewish ethics, and understanding that have characterized the Jewish nation throughout history.  From being “this wise and understanding nation that is this great people,” the Israeli government turned us into a “withered and unwise nation.” We, the exiles of Gush Katif, are trying to preserve our memory of the past as best we can, and this book can serve as a further reminder and silent witness of the atrocity and crime that the Israeli government committed against its citizens and people.  I would like to express my appreciation for Southern Hills for publishing this important work that will, God willing, help to open the eyes of the blind and reveal their erroneous ways.  

With great blessings,

Yigal Kaminetsky Chief Rabbi of Gush Katif


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