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Gush Katif Museum Opens in Jerusalem

Posted by emmalazarus on August 14, 2008

The Gush Katif museum has now opened it’s doors in the centre of Jerusalem. On it’s first day, 500 people descended on the museum, the aim of which is to preserve the memory of Gush Katif. As stated by Miriam Gottlieb, curator and director of the museum  “The Yamit towns (in Northern Sinai, which were destroyed in 1982 in accordance with the peace treaty with Egypt) have been forgotten… We don’t want the same to happen with Gush Katif” (Hillel Fendel, Israel National News).

The museum holds an array of Gush Katif memorabilia, including videos, artwork, and information on numerous aspects of Gush Katif and it’s rich and varied history.

The museum is located on Shaarei Tzedek Street, between Jaffa Road and Agripas Street and is open from 1PM to 8PM on weekdays, 9Am to 1PM Fridays. Admission is free. For more information call the museum on 02-625-5456 or email


3 Responses to “Gush Katif Museum Opens in Jerusalem”

  1. herbert I Ratet said

    eicha reading very appropriate. Let us not need more such museums. H

  2. open from 10Am to 6Pm on weekdays, 9Am to 1PM Fridays. Admission 15 ש”ח.

  3. Is the fiber art work there? nettle point? ten years ago some people worked with fiber art to help with the trauma of the relocation. I am looking for pictures of the work. Can anyone send me pictures as attachments. Patience Lowe , Massachusetts, USA
    , email me at

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