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New book on Gush Katif has been released to mark the third Anniversary

Posted by emmalazarus on June 24, 2008

The Expulsion from Gush Katif has now been released. This book aims to educate, enlighten, and preserve the memory of that fateful summer of 2005. After almost three years, the situation for those evicted has still not been rectified. Many remain in temporary housing, having still not been compensated. Communities are dispersed and people remain out of work and struggling to re-establish their lives in a different, yet still impermanent reality. The social effects of the disengagement are vast with both children and adults trying to come to terms with the fact that they were so publically thrown out of their homes and pulled away from the prospering, vibrant communities that they had fought and stuggled to build and remain in.

As time moves on and the realities and effects of the Disengagement become more clear, there are fewer and fewer people on the left that cite the Expulsion from Gush Katif as a military success. Whilst the rockets continue to reign down from Gaza, that number will continue to decrease.

The Disengagement is a reality. The Pain continues despite the time that has elapsed, and it is only through remembering and preserving the memory of Gush Katif that we can go some way, at least, to ensuring that the hardship and agony has not been in vain.

To order a copy, simply click on the following link To order the book in bulk for your institution, at a discount, please contact


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New book on Gush Katif

Posted by emmalazarus on June 10, 2008

As we steadily approach the third anniversary of the Disengagement from Gush Katif, which saw the destruction of a community and the division of a nation, the effects of this policy are as present as ever. The majority of the people that were expelled from their homes are still living in temporary accomodation and many are yet to receive the funds that the government originally promised them. The expulsion has had ongoing social, economic, environmental, and emotional effects upon all those involved, and there are many more untold ramifications. Additionally, Israel has been greatly affected in a military sense, as seen from the increased Kassam rocket bombardments upon southern cities, particularly in Sderot and, recently, Ashkelon. The tragedy that continues to play out in all these areas is wide ranging and heartbreaking, yet not that much has been documented for the English community.  We have therefore decided to compile a book of factual accounts and memories written by those at the forefront of the disengagement – the key players in the movement surrounding the expulsion from Gush Katif. These contributors include: journalists, authors, political analysts, and religious figures, as well as most importantly, those directly affected, the people who lived in Gush Katif and were forced from their homes during that fateful summer of 2005.


The book includes a background, history, personal accounts section, and a description of the aftermath of the Disengagement.  We are hoping that this book will be used as a resource tool for people trying to obtain comprehensive information, as well as opening the eyes of many to the personal ramifications of the Disengagement and the effects it had.

To run alongside this book, we would like this blog to serve as a discussion and informative resource for people wanting to obtain information, understand the situation more and to share their feelings on what happened, both in terms of the actual situation and its aftereffects.


Release date to be announced. If you would like to be notified on when the book is out, or would like to reserve a copy, please send an email to






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